It should be easy and completely safe to shop in our store...

... that's why we follow the Data Protection Regulation, guidelines by the Consumer Agency and common sense. We'll do our best to treat you as we ourselves and our friends want to be treated.Personal Data ActWe collect your personal data in agreement with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - guidelines by the European Union. This means that we collect the necessary information to complete your order. We will only use your information to deliver goods, manage payments and send newsletters.

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Terms & conditions

Pricing & Order
All our prices are displayed in SEK, including Swedish VAT. The minimum order value is 199 SEK. Payments are made by credit/debit card or by Klarna checkout* - invoice, partial payments, direct payments via your bank or card.
Are you located outside the European Union? We recommend that you check your country's customs rules and any additional charges before placing your order. Local fees from your country's customs office may be added at customers own expense.

We pack and ship your order immediately. This means that you will receive your order within 2-5 business days (Sweden) or 3-8 business days (Rest of the world). We will notify you via e-mail if a product is out of stock. Your order will be shipped with Postnord,  DHL, DB Schenker or UPS as carriers. Small shipment are usually delivered directly to your mailbox, larger shipment is collected after notification by your nearest parcel representative. Shipping cost follows accordingly:
  • Sweden FREE SHIPPING! Returns are Free of charge.
  • Inside EU is 99 SEK. Returns are Free of charge.
  • Worldwide shipping is 199 SEK. 

Change, open purchase & free return
We give you 30 days of open purchase and right of withdrawal on tried on, but unused, items. Return shipping is free of charge! Simply fill in the attached return slip, pack well, put on the attached address sheet and send the item with original labels and packaging to us. Remember to get a receipt of your return. We deposit the money on your card or credit your Klarna invoice as soon as we receive your item. You only pay the initial shipping fee.

Please note! Open purchase/change on stockings/tights/underwear/bandelettes only applies to unbroken packaging. 
If you have taken part of an offer like "Buy 3 pay for 2" that offer only applies if you keep all 3 items. If you would return any of these 3 items, the offer no longer applies and you pay full price for the items you choose to keep. 

Do you need another size or color? 
Don't worry! It's easy to change your clothes. Follow these steps:
1) Order your new size or new item in our webshop - www.alicedot.com You will receive your new garments within a few days!
2) Return the garment. Fill in the return form and use the included return label.  Make sure to get a receipt from your carrier. 
3) You will pay upfront with debit/credit card or receive a new invoice on your new order. We will adjust your first invoice/payment once we receive your returned items.

Please note! Open purchase/change on stockings/tights/underwear/bandelettes only applies to unbroken packaging.
When purchase is made by credit/debit card and you choose to return your entire order, we will refund the entire product value to your card or account. You only pay one shipping fee. Keep in mind that your Klarna invoice expires 30 days after order date. Log in with your mobile bank ID at Klarna.se to manage your invoice, partial payment or monthly invoice or call your local Klarna support - in Sweden at +46 (0) 8-120 120 25. Please contact Klarna with your questions regarding your invoice, partial payments or monthly invoice. Refunds and/or adjustments to your Klarna or card purchase will be made when your return has been received and handled at our warehouse. You will receive a confirmation over email. 

Defected goods
We guarantee that the goods you order are not defective at delivery. In case something is wrong with the received product, please contact us by email or by phone. We will try to solve the problem in the best possible way.

Non-collected parcel
If you do not collect your package within 14 day it will be automatically returned to us. In case this happens we will charge you SEK 250 for covering additional cost like shipping and administration.

Delayed return
You always have 30 days of withdrawal. This means that the goods/goods has to get back to us within 30 days from order date. We reserve the right not to refund the amount upon late return.

Payment by credit and debit card
Payments are made through established and secure payment solutions. When you pay your purchase, you will provide your credit card information on a secure page owned by Stripe. Since we do not have access to their system, no credit card data is stored by us. Your credit card number is not printed on any invoice, list or other paper document, which means that none of our employees have access to it. With Stripe getting all the necessary information from you, the transaction is handled with banks over secure lines.

Payment by Klarna checkout 
(available to customers located in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria & Netherlands)
Please contact your local Klarna with questions regarding Klarna invoice, partial payments or monthly invoice. 
Sweden +46 (0) 8-120 120 25 Mon-Thur 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. (UTC +01)

Klarna invoice
Payments via Klarna invoice are easy and completely safe. You do not need to enter your card details and will pay after receiving your goods.
  • Get your order before you pay
  • The credit period is always 30 days
  • You do not need to enter your card details
  • Always 30 days open purchase in agreement with AliceDot.
  • Download your invoice at klarna.se
  • Convert your invoice into part payments*
* Partial payments are only available to private customers.

The credit period for this kind of purchase is 30 days from date of invoice. You will receive your invoice by email. The invoice will be sent to you in connection to shipping your order. You are always able to see and handle your invoice when logging in at klarna.se using mobile bank id. When not paying your order on time an extra fee will be charged. If your purchase does not reach SEK 60 a fee of SEK 29 will be added. If your purchase reaches SEK 60 or more a fee of SEK 60 will be added. A interest rate of 24.00% plus the applicable reference rate will also be added. If no payment is made then the claim can then be handed over for debt collection where additional collection costs may be incurred. 
If you have signed up for monthly invoice via Klarna, your invoice will be included in your monthly invoice due to the terms of monthly invoice.
At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that credit information is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit report by mail or e-mail. Once you have received your invoice, you may, instead of paying the entire invoice at one time, be offered to pay a lower amount, thus applying for your bill to a flexible installment. This means that you pay at your own pace with at least SEK 50 per month. The effective interest rate for a purchase of SEK 10,000, SEK 29 in monthly administrative fee, 19.90% in variable interest and payment over 12 months is 29.22%. Each installment will then be SEK 955 per month and your total cost will be SEK 11,458.To convert your invoice into a flexible installment, our terms and conditions apply. Here you will also find information about Standardized European Consumer Credit Information. Terms and conditions for your country can be found at checkout.

Klarna partial payment
You can apply to pay at your own pace or pay a fixed amount per month. When you pay partly with Klarna, the following applies:
  • Get your order before you pay
  • Collect all your purchases on a monthly invoice
  • Pay in your own pace or pay a fixed amount per month
You pay any amount you like per month. The minimum amount you can pay is 1/24 of the amount remaining and no less than SEK 50 each month. You can when you want to pay the entire remaining amount. An administration fee of SEK 29 per month will be added to the invoice. Example: With a purchase of SEK 10,000, the setup fee is 0 kr. The current nominal annual rate is 19.90%, which corresponds to an effective interest rate of 29.22%. The credit purchase price will be SEK 11,458. The number of installments is 12 and each part is SEK 955. The example assumes that the payment will take place over one year. Fixed installment from Klarna means you divide your payment at 6, 12 or 24 months. You know initially what your monthly expense will be - and you know when you've paid off.
If Klarna approves your partial payment application, the amount will be added to your existing Klarna Account. If Klarna approves your application and you do not already have a Klarna Account, we will send a confirmation to you. Once you have received your confirmation, you have a Klarna Account. Klarna reserves the right to refuse your application for a partial payment. At the time of purchase, a credit check is made, which in some cases means that credit information is taken. You will then receive a copy of the credit report by mail.

Card payments via Klarna
Payment by card can be done using Visa or MasterCard. To use cards as payment methods, you need to enter card number, card validity and CVC code. No charge is added upon purchase.

Personal data
Personal data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation. Klarna will collect personal information primarily with the purpose of performing identification, customer analysis, credit control, marketing and business development.Personal identification number is used as customer number for customer management purposes. Please read Klarnas data protection policy for a more detailed description. By using Klarna Invoice, you agree to our use of your personal information in accordance with the Klarna data protection policy, including transfer to specially selected partners or to non-EU /EEA countries. If you have any further questions concerning your invouce, part payment or Klarna account please contact Klarna at +46 (0) 8-120 120 25, Mon-Thur 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-5pm. (UTC +01)

Contact Us
We usually respond to your email within a couple if hours, but no later than 48 hours. You may call us during business days between 10am to 4pm. (UTC +01) Click here to get in touch!
Alice & Fay AB org.no 556905-3753 Tågmästaregatan 2, 21130 Malmö +46 760 34 93 00 SWEDEN