Bandelettes all-covering beige

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  • 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
  • Silicon-ribbons are attatched to the Bandelettes to keep them from moving or falling down. Bandelettes are the perfekt ani chub-rub product!
  • Width: approx. 13,5 cm in all sizes.
  • Handwash and air dry only.
  • Do not use bodylotion, suncream or any other lotions when using your Bandelettes.
  • Your Bandelettes are supposed to be comfortable. Please note that Bandelettes are not supposed to push your thigh nor feel too big. A too small size may result in Bandelettes slipping off your thigh.
  • Available in more colors and patterns.

Measure where the thigh is as largest. The measure tape should simply be comfortable without having fingers between the measure tape and your thigh. Nor should it pull your thigh tight. Choose the size where you find your measurements in centimeters.